Mars Ice Home Featured in Vitra Design Museum Exhibition: Hello Robot

Mars Ice House is now on display at the Vitra Design Museum as part of a newly opened exhibition titled "Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine." The exhibition, "Hello Robot," on view at the Vitra Design Museum from February 11th through May 14th, 2017. For more information please visit: Hello Robot: Design Between Human and Machine.

From the exhibition's website:

"Hello, Robot." introduces us to robots in four steps. The first section of the exhibition traces the fascination that artificial humans have long exerted on people in the modern age and looks at how popular culture has shaped our perception of robots. The second section is devoted to the field in which robotics first made a breakthrough: industry and the world of work. Whereas robots are typically perceived in this context as a threat to jobs, "Hello, Robot." looks at the current debate on this subject from a number of very different perspectives. The spectrum of exhibits ranges here from classic industrial robots to an installation by the group RobotLab, in which a robot produces manifestos on a production line, thus questioning where the boundary lies between work that can be automated and human creativity. The third section of the exhibition shows how we are gradually coming face to face with the new technology – as a friend and helper in our everyday lives, in our households, in nursing care, as a digital companion, or even in cybersex. The fourth section looks at the increasing blurring of the boundaries between humans and robots – exemplified by our living in »learning« buildings, traveling through »smart cities«, or having smart sensors implanted in our bodies.