SEArch+ / Apis Cor led by Melodie Yashar win Top Prize in 100% Virtual Design of NASA's Phase 3 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge

New York, NY (April 1, 2019) -- SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture) is pleased to announce their first place win in the latest level of NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge. The award for Virtual Construction Level 2 of the Challenge was awarded to SEArch+ for their proposal MARS X HOUSE, created in collaboration with Apis Cor, the first company to develop specialized equipment for 3D-printing and construction of entire buildings directly on site. The design of MARS X HOUSE offers a robust and durable 3D-printed habitat using autonomous robotics and indigenous materials found natively on Mars.

Led by SEArch+ co-founder Melodie Yashar, MARS X HOUSE employs an evidence-based design process to introduce the design and constructability of a future habitat for a crew of four to live and work on Mars for the duration of one Earth year. MARS X HOUSE is designed to exceed radiation standards in order to ensure human health, and vitally connects the crew to natural light and views of the Martian landscape. In addition to this most recent first place win in Virtual Design, SEArch+ and Apis Cor have advanced in the overall competition by winning first place in both Construction Levels 1 & 2 and placing fourth in Virtual Design Level 1.

The official NASA announcement, “Top Three Teams Share $100,000 Prize in Complete Virtual Construction Level of 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge” may be found here .

SEArch+’s video submission to the competition may be viewed here .

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